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The Madina Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Library
benefits from a well-resourced specialist library on books related to the programmes in Engineering, Business and Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The Primary purpose of the Library is to support the academic and research work of its staff and students. Members of the public may also visit by prior appointment. Students of MIST have fourteen (14) hours access to the Library’s collection in a day, except on National Holidays and weekends.

The MIST Library, in order to satisfy the information needs of its users, has joined the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH). This allows its clientele access to the collection of ALL CARLIGH member libraries in Ghana. 
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University Librarian
Mohammed Yakubu Hardi, MPhil,MA

Mohammed Yakubu  Hardi joined MIST in September 20014 as the university college Librarian. Prior to joining MIST he was the head of library at data link University College in Tema Ghana . He studied in the University of Ghana where he obtained all his academic degrees and qualification. He is a member of the Ghana library association.

In addition to his responsibilities as a university librarian he teaches research method for under graduate students. He also serves as student adviser on academic writing. Mr. Hardi is instrumental in the establishment of Mist library.

General Rules and regulations

1. General rules and regulation
2. Silence is to be observed at all time in the library.
3. Smoking is prohibited in the library
4. No food or drinking is allowed in any part of the library.
5. All bags belonging to patrons should be deposited on the security desk.
6. No phone call in the library. All ringing tone should be turned off upon entering the     Library.
7. Loitering in the library without making use of its materials is not acceptable.  
8. Any activity of any kind considered illegal or a treat to the library per the librarian or     officer in charge is prohibited.


The MIST library has a large collection of resource on General Works, Social Sciences, Technology, Science, Law, Medicine, Religion, Psychology, Philosophy, Language and Literature, Geography and Recreation consisting of books, serial and e-resources.  
All special books and reference material are placed on reserved and can only be accessed upon request. All material are arrange or classified according to the Library Of Congress Classification Scheme .call numbers are placed on the spine of books and shelves are well labeled to enhanced easy access and retrieval of materials .


1. The library has a computer laboratory with computers connected to the internet for use by     students.
2. The library offers photocopying services to student at moderate fees.
3. Student can get connected to the internet through the WIFI service in the Library.
4. On line Library Resources: The library is a member of the Consortium of Academic and         Research Libraries in Ghana. (CARIGH)As such patrons have access to unlimited     E- Journal and E-Books.
Office of the president
Tel: +233 030 396  5761


The main Library, situated close to the Administration Block and the Faculty of Business Administration’s Block will be wireless ready and expected to house over 95,133 books in print and electronic books. The Library will subscribe to over 102 periodical in print and more than 125 journals, some of which are through online databases. There are audio-visual collections, video tapes, compact discs, DVDs among other materials. We have subscribed to CARLIGH, which gives students free access to large number of academic and professional materials. The new libraries have enough space to host many other library activities like book launches and promotions.

There are also plan to create Children section in the Library in the near future. There are also plans to get membership of OCLC (Online computer Library Center), which will provide access to over 30 million titles in over 5,000 national and international libraries as well as promote Inter-library loaning system.

Mission Statement

The library will support and make it possible for MIST to realize its mission of “providing quality tertiary education through systematic exposure to research and learning” by providing recorded information and knowledge in physical, intellectual and electronic modes.

Vision Statement

To become a world-class source of information for all its users.

Library Gallery
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Library Collection Policy

The library is the nerve center of all academic institutions, where students gather information for knowledge. It is the place where students thirsty for knowledge turn to. The Madina Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) will operate a temporary library for about one year while the block for the permanent one is being constructed. The temporary library is located in the Faculty of Engineering block. The library is well lit and well ventilated. It has metallic shelves and spacious reading spaces (within the library and immediately outside it).

The MIST library is currently being stocked with volumes relevant to all the programmes the institute will be offering. With its internet connectivity almost complete, the institute will, in a couple of days, establish an e-library which will enable the users of the library access information outside the walls of its campus and even outside the country. The library will subscribe for periodicals and academic journals. The MIST library is hooked to the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH). CARLIGH was established to develop and undertake resource sharing, to control and reduce information costs, to develop a network of information environment and to share licensing issues with one another. Electronic books and journals will also be made available in the library. The overall objective is to provide relevant information to its users at the right time. In doing this, the input of lecturers and academic staff will be prime source and faculties will be encouraged to make their students information literates.

This will be based on the Library of Congress Classification System. The volumes in the library will regularly updated through direct purchases from bookshops in Ghana, possible donations from the University of Tanta in Egypt. All users of the Library shall be required to register with it. Membership, Members of MIST Council, Senior Members, Junior Members MIST workers. I addition to these, permit may be granted to individuals to use the Library by the Library Committee or by the Librarian on behalf of the Committee.

The following are regulations for borrowing books from the Library:

Students  - Two books for one week
Senior Members - Four books for six weeks
Administrative staff and other workers of MIST -  Two books for one week

The following books/materials in the library are not for borrowing: Reference Books, Newspapers, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, Course manuals, etc

Institutional Repository

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Opening Hours Days Time

Weekdays 8.00 am-9.00 pm
Saturdays 9.00 am-2.00 pm