School Of Business And Technology


Why MIST’s School Of Business And Technology

We are one of the institutions in the world committed to highest standards of academic excellence. Through our Career Bridge and liberal Arts programmes, we train students to develop a culture of non-acceptance of
second place. We also expose them to the breadth and depth of integration of the knowledge of Liberal arts, sciences, and technology to solve problems. Academic excellence is part of our DNA.

Caring Islamic Community

We provide an environment that promotes academic freedom necessary to unleash the creative and innovative potential of students as well as promote ethical behavior based on Islamic values. Also the focus of our curriculum is to give students critical skills to provide ethical leadership in their communities as taught by the Qur’an and the Hadith.

Internship and Career Support

We are well connected to industry through our well designed and relevant curriculum as well as partnership with many business organizations. Our partnership with industry offers students the opportunity to practice in a real workplace environment. Our career center within the School of Business and Technology provides the needed support for job search and career management as well as incubation of ideas to support pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Personalized Attention

We provide individualized attention and support that stimulates creativity and technological innovation. Our lectures are conducted in a small classes setting, allowing the “by the fire side” and “boardroom” type of environment that necessitate free exchange of ideas.


We transform ordinary individuals into exemplary, ethical, and transformational leaders through teaching, research, practice, and mentorship.

Technological Advantage

We expose our students to the most modern and sophisticated technologies, needed to inspire change through creativity and innovation. We transform students from users and consumers of technological knowledge and information to producers.


We are strategically located at Lakeside Estate in Eastern Accra. It is one of the fastest growing communities, quite, and close to everything. We are few meters away from the Marina Park and East Legon. We allow campus tours at your convenience.

Dean's message

On behalf of Faculty and Staff, I invite you to the School of Business and Technology of MIST. At the School, we train and mentor students to develop technological and entrepreneurial foresight, innovative agility, and passion for success in the rapidly changing and complex business world. We challenge our students to acquire knowledge and experience that can be used to develop integrative strategies that have the efficacy of creating and sustaining business growth in the 21st century, add value to organizations, and exercise of global citizenship. We provide academic programmes leading to the award of prestigious undergraduate degrees in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. Although, students are enrolled in specialized programmes in their senior years, we give them the opportunity to pursue coursework, research, and projects in multi-disciplinary fields in order to be exposed to the breadth and depth of solving complex problems today and in the future. Therefore, all academic programmes emphasize and reflect on contemporary business, technology, and ethical issues. We constantly review our programmes and course content to ensure industry relevance. We continue to explore local and international collaborations, partnerships, affiliations, and accreditations. We aspire to earn AACSB International’s Accreditation in the course of time asa capstone of our strive to become a first class Business School.    

Our experienced and scholar-practitioner faculty provides the concierge and mentorship for various categories of students who aspire to unleash creative and innovative potentials, by providing collegial environment that fosters and promotes acquisition of critical thinking skills; creative and innovative skills; intellectual curiosity; sincerity, courage, integrity and leadership; and readiness not only to apply knowledge, but to create knowledge.  We also envisage that during your time at the school you will experience the power of active and collaborative learning, build strong relationships with faculty and fellow students.  
Above all, you will experience the power of learning at a liberal collegial environment founded on Islamic principles of fairness, freedom, honesty, and reciprocal support for development 

I wish you the best of success as you explore educational opportunities for career advancement and enrichment at MIST. 
Thank you for your interest 

Justice R. Salifu, Ph.D. 
Dean, School of Business and Technology


We strive to become the first choice of individuals, who aspire to master the critical and core competencies
needed to succeed in the rapidly changing business world.


We harness the dedication of our faculty to scholarship, teaching, practice, and mentorship to provide quality business education to diverse individuals to think critically, globally, and act ethical in providing solutions to everyday problems.

  • We value an environment where Faculty, Students, and Community find reciprocal support to succeed.

  • We valueand promote ethical academic environment driven by the Islamic principles of fairness, honesty, sincerity and openness in dealing with stakeholders and our community.

  • We believe that a learning environment must be conducive to stimulate generation and dissemination of useful knowledge.

  • We value academic integrity and freedom.

  • We value diversity and human potential.

Dean’s Bio

Under the distinguished and transformational leadership of Dr. Justice R. Salifu, the School of Business of 
the Madina Institute of Science & Technology is positioned to make positive strides towards providing practitioner oriented business and technology education based on Islamic values to individuals who aspire to explore and unleash their creative and entrepreneurial potential to solve everyday problems in their communities. He understands the dynamic, complex, competitive, and global nature of business environment that organizations are confronted with daily. He therefore led the effort to tailor the programmes of the school to give business graduates the tools and skills to deal with such challenges. His vision for the school is to “Make it stand out.” As an organization, banking, and management expert, coach, consultant, and specialist, he spent over 16 years working on securities, corporate actions, funds transfers, client relationship, reconciliation, innovation, compliance, risk management, as well as legal issues at reputable organizations including Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, the oldest and largest privately-held bank in the US, Summit Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Budd Larner P.C. He founded Juskari & Associate LLC, a business consulting firm focus on providing advisory service to companies exploring expansion opportunities in Africa. He also founded and administers Olivia Adamu Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization, which focuses on promoting girls’ education in Northern part of Ghana. He has lectured at both the Graduate and Undergraduate levels at universities in Ghana and the US. He has researched, published, and possess extensive experience conducting corporate training. He is the Author of an upcoming Text book on Creativity and Innovation in Business. 

He holds Memberships of Risk Management Association (RMA), Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), American Management Association (AMA), Society of Financial Service Professionals (SFSP), Legal Assistants Association of New Jersey (LAANJ), and International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). 

His primary research areas of interest include: Identifying service performance and quality service gaps in 
profit-oriented organizations, Risk Management, and Creativity and Innovation in Business. He taught courses including: Principles of Management; Organizational Behavior and Management; Business Strategy; International Business; Creativity & Innovation in Business; Leadership and Business Ethics; Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance and Natural Resources Management, Business Ethics, and Diversity Management. 

Dr. Salifu holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University, MSc in Management (Marketing Concentration) from College of Saint Elizabeth, Certificate in Legal Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Certificate in American Culture from Montclair State University all in the US and B.A (with Honors) in Classics and Study of Religions from University of Ghana, Legon. He is also a certified Global Securities Trade Specialist.


Admission to the business school is competitive as we seek to admit students who demonstrate potential for academic excellence, ethical behavior, and leadership.

Entry Requirements

A. Must meet the general admission requirements of the institute approved by National Accreditation Board (NAB) and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) and University for Development Studies (UDS)

B. Apart from the general Institute’s requirements, an applicant may be requested to attend an interview in order to gain admission in to any business program.

Degree Programmes

Our undergraduate degree programmes integrate thorough understanding of business theory and practical 
applications, in a technological and research inclined interactive learning environment that enhances students’ ability to pursue professional advancement and demonstration of effective leadership. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to master the dynamics of complex organizational systems and 
specialize in functional areas including Accounting, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. As capstone to completion of our rigorous programmes is training in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

General Education Required Courses

- MTRC 111: Language and Communications Skills           
- MTRC 119: Academic Writing 
- MTRC 113: Critical Thinking and Logic 
-  MTRC 124: Introduction to Sociology 
- MTRC 126: African Studies 
- MTRC 115: Arabic Language/ French 
- MTRC 116: Fundamentals of Public health and Wellness 
- MTRC 128: Introduction to Religions 
- MTRC 128: Introduction to Information Technology 
- MBUS 323: Entrepreneurship 
- MBUS 101: Career Bridge 1 
- MBUS 102: Career Bridge 2 
- MBUS 203: Career Bridge 3 
- MBUS 204: Career Bridge 4 
- MBUS 305: Career Bridge 5 
- MBUS 306: Career Bridge 6 
- MBUS 407: Career Bridge 7 
- MBUS 408: Career Bridge 8

Faculty Required Courses

- MBUS 117: Introduction to Business Administration 
- MBUS 211: Business Communication 
- MBUS 219: Business Law I 
- MBUS 213: Principles of Management 
- MBUS 126: Business and Society 
- MBUS 211: Business Mathematics 
- MBUS 215: Elements of Microeconomics 
- ACCT 217: Principles of Accounting 
- MBUS 216: Organizational Behavior 
- MBUS 219: Business Law II 
- MBUS 222: Business Statistics 
- MHRM 224:Introduction to Human Resource Management 
- MBUS 215: Elements of Macroeconomics        
- ACCT 217:  Principles of Accounting II 
- MMKT 226: Principles of Marketing 
- MBUS 315: Quantitative Methods 
- MBUS 324: Research Methods in Business 
- MBUS 326: Operation Management 
- MTRC 401: Long Essay/ Capstone Project I 
- MTRC 401: Long Essay/ Capstone Project II

Prescribed Courses

- MBUS 357: Creativity and Innovation In Business 
- MBUS 351: Leadership 
- MBUS 451: Business Policy and Strategy

BSc in Business Administration (Accounting Option)

This concentration is designed to usher students into the world of typical individuals with the desire to acquire skills to find solutions to lack of effectiveness in: financial reporting, compliance, financial management, taxation, investment management, and accounting information systems management. On completion of our rigorous programme, they develop an understanding of a wide array of accounting related 
issues, including budget analysis, financial and investment management and planning, financial control, and internal controls as well as auditing.

In addition to multi-disciplinary courses, students in this concentration take the following courses:

- ACCT 311: Financial Accounting I 
- ACCT 322: Financial Accounting II 
- ACCT 313: Cost Accounting I  
- ACCT 324: Cost Accounting II 
- ACCT 328: Accounting Information System 
- ACCT 411: International Accounting Reporting Standards 
- ACCT 419: Taxation 
- ACCT 422: Advanced Taxation and Fiscal Policy 
- ACCT 419: Auditing and Assurance I 
- ACCT 426: Auditing and Assurance II 
- ACCT 413: Corporate Financial Reporting 
- ACCT 415: Public Sector Accounting I 
- ACCT 424: Public Sector Accounting II 
- ACCT 353: Cost Management Systems 
- ACCT 451: International Accounting 
- ACCT 453: Legal Issues in Forensic Accounting 
- ACCT 457: Corporate Controllership 
- ACCT 455: Strategic Cost Analysis for Decision Making

BSc in Business Administration (Banking and Finance Option)

This concentration provides the opportunity for students to acquire critical skills in recruitment, training, employee development, change management, interpersonal skills, maintenance of fair and equitable compensation system, and human resource procedure and policies, as well as allied skills needed to ensure organizational effectiveness.

In addition to multi-disciplinary courses students in this concentration take the following courses: 
- MHRM 315: Human Resource Planning 
- MHRM 313: Human Resource Information System 
- MHRM 317: Occupational Health and Safety           
- MHRM 322: Administrative Law 
- MHRM 324: Change and Diversity Management 
- MHRM 328: Benefit and Compensation Management 
- MHRM 411: Performance Evaluation and Management 
- MHRM 419: Public Administration 
- MHRM 415: Strategic Human Resource Management 
- MHRM 413: Labour Economics 
- MHRM 424: Employment and Labour Law 
- MHRM 422: Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Management 
- MHRM 426: Industrial Relations 
- MHRM 353: Industrial Psychology 
- MHRM 451: Human Resource Development and Training 
- MHRM 455: Supply Chain Management 
- MHRM 452: Employment Relationship Management 
- MHRM 454: International Human Resource Management

BSc in Business Administration (Marketing Option)

Marketing has become one of the fastest evolving fields in business because it drives competition. To effectively execute the marketing function, one needs to have people skills, inter-personal communication skills, and creativity. For this reason, we provide the opportunity for our students to acquire in-depth 
understanding of marketing theory and practices in order to perform efficiently in marketing research, brand management, retail and sale marketing as well as e-marketing setting. On completion of this comprehensive marketing programme, graduates are able to design promotional campaigns to Influence customer perceptions, develop new products, create messages that connect and resonate with targeted audience, create new marketing channels as well as design and execute marketing and promotional plans.

Apart from completion of multi-disciplinary courses students in marketing concentration take the following courses:

- MMKT 326: Consumer Behavior 
- MMKT 315: Sales Management 
- MMKT 322: Retail Marketing and Management 
- MMKT 422: Integrated Marketing Communication 
- MMKT 413: Service Marketing 
- MMKT 419: New Product Development 
- MMKT 317: Electronic Marketing 
- MMKT 324: Social Marketing 
- MMKT 411: Customer Care 
- MMKT 313: Marketing Research 
- MMKT 353: Sales Concepts and Practice 
- MMKT 354: Direct Marketing 
- MMKT 424: Advertising and Brand Management 
- MMKT 426: International Marketing 
- MMKT 415: Relationship Marketing 
- MMKT 451: Tourism Marketing 
- MMKT 455: Aviation Marketing 
- MMKT 417: Promotional Strategy 
- MMKT 453: Environmental Marketing and Ethics 
-MMKT 454: Pharmaceutical and Health Care Marketing 
- MMKT 456: Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis 
- MMKT 458: Event Planning and Marketing

Department Of Accounting

Musah Abdulai, MBA, ICA

  • ICA (GH), Institute of Chartered Accountants, Accra

  • MBA, Finance, University of Ghana

  • BSc, Accounting, University of Ghana

Edem Emerald Welbeck, MPhil, ICA

  • Ph.D., Open University of Netherlands (incomplete)

  • ICA (GH), Institute of Chartered Accountants, Accra

  • MPhil, Accounting, University of Ghana

  • BSc, Accounting, University of Ghana

Department Of Banking & Finance

Professor Anthony K. Ahiawodzi

  • Ph. D., Development Economics, University of Strathclydes, Glasgow

  • MSc, Economics, University of Cape Coast

  • B.A (Hon), Economics, University of Cape Coast

Zulkernein Nashiru, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D., Organization & Management, Capella University, USA

  • MBA, Human Resources, Strayer University, USA

  • MPhil, Accounting, University of Ghana

  • BSc, Administration, Kennesaw State University

Abubakar Musah, MPhil

  • MPhil, Finance, University of Ghana

  • B.A, Economics, University of Ghana

Department Of Human Resource Management

Mukhar Ibn Mohammed, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D., Administrative Science , University of Tampere, Finland

  • M.A, Dev. Studies, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

  • B.A (Hon), Sociology, University of Cape Coast

Abdul-Mumin Abdulai, Ph.D.

  • PhD, Dev. Science, International Islamic University of Malaysia

  • MA, Human Science, International  Islamic University of  Malaysia

  • BA, Sociology, University of Ghana

Lawrence Nyaaba, Ph.D.

  • PhD, Public Administration, Auburn University, USA

  • MA, Human Resources Management, Auburn University, USA

  • B.A, Sociology, University of Ghana

Mohammed Hafiz Amadu, Ph.D.

  • PhD, Ethics & Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, UK

  • MA, Library & Information Science, International Islamic University of Malaysia

  • B.A, Language and Literature, International Islamic University of Malaysia

Department Of Marketing

Mukhar Ibn Mohammed, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D., Organization & Management, Capella University, USA

  • MSc, Management (Marketing), College of St. Elizabeth, USA

  • B.A (Hon), Classics, University of Ghana

Yussif Mohammed Hardi, MBA, CIM

  • MBA, Marketing, University of Ghana

  • BSc, Marketing, University of Ghana

Abdul Majeed Iddrisu, MBA

  • MBA, Marketing, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

  • B.Sc., Marketing, University of Professional Studies

Business And Career Support Center

This center offers valuable resources to students who intend to become future entrepreneurs and advance their career. We accomplish this mission by linking our students to industry, prepare and support them for
pursuit of entrepreneurship. Various resources are provided here to support their endeavor. Services provided by this center include:

  • Assessment Testing

  • Career Advising

  • Career Exploration

  • Career Fairs

  • Workshops

  • Networking Seminars

  • Entrepreneurial Support

  • Co-op and Internship Opportunities

  • Online Job Search tools

  • Career Management workshops