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Why MIST’s School Of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SOLAS will) transform you into a dynamic transformational leader with integrity and good communication skills to motivate and mentor others in society through our excellent scholarship and best practices.

Dean's message
Critical minds with integrity for development

A warm reception awaits you from Faculty and Staff of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SOLAS), at MIST as you explore your possibilities of accessing tertiary education to enhance your life and personality. With our congenial and collegial atmosphere we can assure
you of that and more; excellence. We are working towards awards  leading to the Bachelor of Arts in English and Religious Studies and Human Development, Modern Languages (French and Arabic) and Certificate in Language Proficiency in our state of the art Language Centre. The phenomenon of religion has always being and will continue to be relevant to individuals and shape society. So are the communication and language courses that promote culture, diversity and global citizenship. 

 At SOLAS our curricular is geared towards the training of graduates with liberal and open minds to critically analyze issues and find solutions to societal problems through effective leadership and communication as reflected in the programs and the appropriate pedagogy by our well experienced, dedicated and committed Faculty who approach scholarship with a heightened sense of conscientiousness. Academic excellence and integrity are our hall mark. As per our Islamic values you can be assured of discipline, accountability and transparency.  One of our objectives is to imbibe in our students the attitude of tolerance and the appreciation of diversity; and to live in a pluralistic environment and individually and collectively provide service to community.

At SOLAS the Programs we wish to offer have underlying philosophies and well anchored in theories and concepts that enable a deep understanding and critical utilization of mind to facilitate application of knowledge acquired in contemporary society. Our required courses on applied hermeneutics, leadership and languages, inure to the proper understanding of texts and their meanings within specific contexts; acquisition of strategic leadership skills to play such roles and acquire global citizenship. The utilization of effective methods to achieve optimum results: sizable class numbers, face to face lectures, engagement with students, independent research and presentations in our ultra modern purpose designed lecture rooms allow for excellent interaction. Through mentorship and other outreach programmes our students would be ushered into the world of scholarship; prepared and propelled to undertake graduate work or other professions and to excel. Above all students’ evaluation of Faculty promotes the much needed confidence of our undergraduates and actualization of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences value of critical mindedness, transparency and freedom of expression. 

Come and experience the values and academic excellence that promote holistic development of humanity at SOLAS. We would be happy to give you admission to pursue the programme of your choice and bring the potential in you. We also promise you a memorable stay with us; SOLAS is a home away from home.

Thank You and God Bless

Rabiatu Ammah, PhD
Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences


To train critical minded individuals with integrity to transform society through effective leadership.


To produce graduates from different backgrounds and orientations and well-grounded citizens who combine both academic and moral excellence to promote human development and peaceful co-existence in today’s pluralistic society and to address the needs and challenges of the contemporary society.

  • We value integrity

  • We value a congenial learning atmosphere where Faculty and students will work together to achieve academic excellence

  • We value motivation and independent mindedness

  • We value articulation of ideas in freedom to develop the individual potential

  • We value promotion of initiative, creativity and positive attitude to academic work

  • We value diversity and human potential.

Dean’s Bio

A graduate of the Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian Muslim Relations, University of Birmingham England. Dr Rabiatu Deinyo Ammah, has taught for many years in the Islamic Section of the Department for the Study of Religions University of Ghana, Legon at both undergraduate and graduate levels and supervised many theses. In this capacity, she also served on several boards and committees of the University of Ghana and headed the Department for the Study of Religions between 2001 and 2013. Her other professional activities included external examination to both local and International Universities, Membership of panel to assess programs for National Accreditation and Chairing  Departmental Committee to assess programs for
affiliation to the University of Ghana. Dr Ammah has also been a visiting Lecturer to the University of Birmingham, England and some other institutions in the United States of America among which are Pacific School of Religions Berkeley, California, Hartford Theological Seminary Hartford Connecticut, Chicago Theological Seminary–Chicago, Illinois to give lectures on Islam and Christians-Muslim Relations.

She has provided consultancy services to the Institute of Women in Religion and Culture; Trinity Theological
Seminary, Accra. Ghana Social Marketing Foundation a member of the Committee that developed the Curricula for the Religions Department of the Islamic University College, Ghana. 

The research interests of Dr Ammah  are in the area of Gender Issues in Islam,  Muslim Women’s organizations in Ghana and Interfaith relations. She  has  presented papers at numerous international
conferences in Bendorf, Germany Ratvik Sweden, Geneva Switzerland, London, UK Kurman, South Africa, Kyoto, Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea Among Dr Ammah’s publications in peer reviewed journals and books are: 

2014“And They Must Also Call Unto the Way of the Lord with Wisdom’: African Women in Inter-Faith Encounters. A Muslim Woman’s Perspective.” In Trajectories of Religion in Africa, 

2014 “Perspectives on the Qur’anic Verse on Wife Beating in the Ghanaian Muslim Community” in Religion and Gender –Based Violence  West African Experience  

2007“Christian–Muslim Relations in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa” in Islam and Christian- Muslim Relations 

2004 Too Painful To Tell: Women of Faith against Domestic Violence,

1992 “Paradise Lies at the Feet of Muslim Women”, in The Will to Arise. Women, Tradition and the Church in Africa.  

1990 “Muslims and Christians in Africa: The Challenge of Ecumenical Education”, in Theological Education in Africa, Quo Vadimus?

As a scholar activist and the immediate past president of the Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of
Ghana (FOMWAG) Dr Ammah provided sound leadership to Muslim women in Ghana to be more assertive and worked with them to empower and promote development in the Muslim community through seminars, conferences workshops. As an executive member of the Ghana Muslim Mission and a member of several other organizations, she is passionately interested in the development of the Muslim community, particularly women, through holistic education and re-orientation of the members of the community.  

Dr Ammah has also featured regularly as a discussant on Islamic religious programmes in the electronic media and given public lectures and addresses at different fora in the Muslim community on many topical issues. She was the first woman to hold an official executive position as Vice Chairman of the National Hajj Council formed in 2007 to manage the Affairs of Hajj in Ghana.  Presently she is the Chief patron of the Ghana Muslim Academy, Executive member of the Ghana Muslim Mission, Member of the Circle of Concerned African Women’s Theologians, University Teachers Association of Ghana, African Association for
the Study of Religions and Member of the Council of State (Ghana). She has won several awards in the Muslim community and Best Teacher Award (University of Ghana) in 1999 -2000.


The following programmes are under review for affiliation;

The Department of Religious Studies and Human Development

The main aim of the undergraduate program is to provide students with the opportunity to examine the role of Religion in the life of the individual and society and the various ways religion has been interpreted. Through this the Department aims to develop the critical and analytical abilities of students and provide them with excellent teaching and research tools to enable them attain scholarship in the discipline and also appreciate the relevance of religion in contemporary times.

Department of English 


Language Centre

The proposed Language Centre will deal primarily with the internal language needs within the institute and later provide other individual and groups who wish to be proficient in English and other modern languages the space to do so.

Entry Requirements

A. Must meet the general admission requirements of the institute approved by National Accreditation Board (NAB) and  the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) 

B. Apart from the general Institute’s requirements, an applicant may be requested to attend an interview
in order to gain admission in to any program of SOLAS.

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Career Support Center

Career support team of the SOLAS offers valuable resources for students.