office of Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of students provides students space to self-actualize in both academic and extracurricular activities for holistic development. Among other things, the office will be responsible for your welfare in the areas of academic, residential, social matters and offer counseling information services when needed.

As students’ interest is close to our hearts, their welfare and development is of great concern to the Madina Institute of Science and Technology. Hence the formation of a strong Students’ Representative Council (SRC) to act as the mouthpiece to articulate the different concerns of students will be of paramount interest to the Dean. This set up will obviously bring the views of students to bear on non-academic programme development, especially recreational, sporting, club activities, and other events.Students will be supervised to put in place transparent electoral processes towards the achievement of this objective.
As part of development of students the Office will encourage and oversee the formation of various groups and associations at MIST to promote freedom of association and also supervise the production of the Campus Newsletter by students to enable students not only access to information, but sharpen the writing and communication skills.

Our foreign students will be assisted to acquire requisite visas and relevant permits to stay in Ghana and experience the hospitality associated with the Ghanaian people. As part of their stay our foreign students will be introduced to the different cultures of the land as they travel across the length and breadth of the country.

I believe after these experiences they may not wish to go back to their respective countries of origin. But more importantly our ultra modern language Centre will enhance the English language skills of those who wish to be proficient in English.Please note that excellence as our hall mark can only be achieved through disciple and moral guidance.

MIST wishes to maintain a high academic and moarl standards. It is therefore highly recommended that students are guided by the Ethical Code and Conduct for students as contained in the MIST handbook.
Welcome and May God Bless

Acting Dean of Students
Dr Rabiatu Ammah

President's Biography

In order to preside over the affairs of Madina Institute of Science and Technology in Ghana, Prof. (Dr) A. ELBARBARY had to leave the Rabigh Medical College at King Abdul Aziz University (K.A.U) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A) which he participated in establishing from the scratch .He had since been an active member of the team that had managed it during the first seven years of its existence. 

He is passionate about adopting the contemporary education methods.

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guidance and counseling

As the home of students, the Office provides Guidance and Counseling services for all. We therefore encourage students to patronize the Centre and seek help in both academic and non–academic affairs. Students’ issues with academic programmes and courses, examination, industrial attachment etc.; will be handled by our offices.

In the area of non academic issues, our professionally trained and dedicated counselors will be available to offer the necessary assistance and support to ensure that  emotional and other  challenges are also addressed. 

international students

Akwaaba to our international students! The Ghanaian hospitality awaits you as you arrive at the Kotoka International Airport Accra. This hospitality is even more intense in your chosen school of excellence; the Madina Institute of Science and Technology (MIST).

Our international students, who come from different countries in the West African Sub- region and North Africa, can be assured of a comfortable stay in Ghana. The Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs will assist you in the acquisition of the necessary immigration documents and permits to enable a comfortable stay in Ghana.

To make your stay hussle-free and pleasurable our hostels are all situated on campus to make movement easy. Charges are competitive.  Students who are deficient in the English Language and need to improve both written and communication skills will be assisted to do so. Our Language Laboratory is available to provide an intensive course in English proficiency at a moderate fee.

For better appreciation of the Ghanaian people and culture, students will be encouraged to patronize guided tours of heritage sites and other places of attraction across the country. This will enable students experience the rich culture: people, food, festivals, religion, language etc;

students' Representatives council

The Office is responsible for the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) that acts as the mouthpiece of students and to articulate their different concerns by bringing their views to bear on non-academic programme development, especially recreational, sporting, club activities and other events.

Student Housing and Residential Life

MIST has two (2) hostels on campus for students at a subsidized rate. It is highly recommended that students apply for residence at the time of application to MIST. The Hostels have shared facilities to encourage communal living. 

Student Conduct and Discipline

The Dean’s Office deals with conduct and disciplinary issues.  In such cases students will be given a fair hearing by the panel as constituted. Students are advised to refer to the Students’ Handbook and the Code of Conduct in order to abide by the regulations and the processes involved in such cases.

Student Support Services

Mentoring is of the essence; students will be attached to Faculty for mentorship and tutorial services.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

Some facilities are available on campus for sports and other extracurricular activities. The Institute is also in discussion with the management of the Marina Park in the Lake Side area for the use by students.

Associations and Club

Students are encouraged to join Associations and Clubs. These must be registered with the Office with a well crafted constitution. The following are some associations that have been duly formed:

Ghana Muslim Students’ Association (GMSA)

Business and Technology Students’ Association (BSTA)

Engineering Students’ Association

Financial Services

The Institute has a scholarship scheme available to students who wish to apply. This is highly competitive and students would have to go through a stringent procedure. A successful applicant would have to maintain a certain level of academic standard to enjoy the scholarship. Needy students are encouraged to apply.

The Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs may also assist students who wish to apply for the Ghana Students’ Loan, Master Card and other grant-awarding agencies.

Office of the president
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