Students' Representative Council

message from the president

I will first of all thank the entire student body for electing me as the SRC President and the confidence you have reposed in me to offer leadership to the student body. Indeed, I feel very honoured and humbled by this gesture and promise to do my best with the help of Allah to live up to expectation. 

As the President, I will ensure that certain core values- integrity, effective leadership, tolerance and justice among other values and principles become the bedrock upon which our office and all its actions will be anchored.As expected  of us  as pioneers, my team will  work  tirelessly  to   serve the  student body and provide the much needed leadership. 

Our major aim will be to improve both the academic and non-academic life of students through effective representation and persuasive advocacy. Through consultation with students and dialogue with the relevant management bodies, our office will bring students’ issues to the fore and promote their interests. This will create a comfortable, healthy, happy and most importantly, safe and congenial study environment for all at M.I.S.T. 

Believing strongly in the spirit of unity, determination, confidence and diversity, we are ready to maintain   and   enhance   an   atmosphere   of   equal   opportunities   that   is   free   from   all   kinds   of discrimination. 

Iddrisu Mohammed '20


Iddrisu Mohammed studies human resource management in the Madina Institute Of Science & Technology. He is a student with deep passion for knowledge acquisition, motivation and public speaking. 
Justice, kindness and equity are his hallmark. 
During high school period, he served as  GMSA President, School Prefect and SRC President. He is a Co-founder of the "students advisory board". 
Prior to becoming the SRC president of M.I.S.T, he served as editor for the School of Business and Technology (SOBAT),a member of the Dean's Student Advisory Council and advertisement committee. 

Iddrisu Mohammed is known for his love for people, courage and pluralism.

President, Students' Representative Council. 
Iddrisu Mohammed '20


The Vice President, Abdul-Hafeez is pursuing a BS.c degree in Civil Engineering.  He is basketball enthusiast, a voracious reader and an ardent debater. He was the hostel President and also served as the assistant class representative for the Engineering Faculty prior to becoming the SRC Vice-President. 

He has a deep passion for sanitation and seeks to invent technology that can help solve the sanitation problem in Ghana. In the short term however, he wishes to sensitize people through various activities to alter the mindset of Ghanaians to become keen about proper sanitation and practice same. 

 He has his principles and philosophy. His close friend taught him that everyone and every institution must remain true to themselves and must have strong ethics and integrity no matter the situation. This he wishes to share to the development of the SRC as the Vice President. Alexander the Great once said: "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, but I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion". It is these words that inspired Abdul-Hafeez to contest for this position and with which he rules.  Abdul-Hafeez believes that he is the bold and humble lion who is ready to provide his people with the ethical leadership they are yearning for.

Vice-President, Students' Representative Council. 
Adam Musah Abdul Hafeez '20


Dico Saliou as the General Secretary is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. He is down to earth, disciplined, friendly, and respectful and believes in the equal treatment of all and team work. To this end he respects the views of others and is always ready to listen and accept constructive criticism. He is an executive member of both the Business and Technology Students’ Association and the Dean’s Students Advisory Committee. 

With an optimistic outlook to life, he sees every stage of life as an opportunity for improvement and self development. Dico brings to the SRC the values of commitment and selflessness and unconditional service.

General Secretary, Students' Representative Council. 
Dico Saliou'20


Business essentially has a hand in everything we do in the world. 
Abdul- Rahman has the love for business and he always wanted to pursue a degree programme that would prepare him for the corporate world,  moulding him into a marketable and well-rounded candidate for the business challenges for tomorrow. 

In addition,  having being elected as the Vice-secretary of the SRC,  he sharpens his thinking skills,  retentive memory, and writing skills through the writing of minutes. 
After graduation, he hopes to pursue a Master's degree in Business Administration. He sees himself kicking his feet back and holding his own in corporate Africa.

Deputy Secretary, Students' Representative Council. 
Iddrisu Mohammed '20


Mohammed Adam is a student of the Madina Institute of Science and Technology studying Business Administration and hopes to specialize in Accounting. 

He is the SRC Financial Controller because of the passion he has for financial-related issues. He has served as Financial Assistant in a Traveling Agency and as well GMSA President in his Alma Mater Suhum Presbyterian Senior High School. 

In his capacity as the SRC Treasurer, one major priority would be to maintain transparency and accuracy in the financial administration of the SRC. 

He believes in socialization and unity for success to prevail in any given society. As the African proverb states: A single strand of a broom cannot sweep the floor, but when these strands are brought together, they produce remarkable results. Being very ambitious he hopes to become the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana one day. It is with this ambition in mind that he vied for and won the Vice-Presidency (Strategic planning) of the Business and Technology Students Association (BTSA) of M.I.S.T. His hobbies are Debates and reading novels.

Financial Controller, Students' Representatice Council. 
Mohammed Adam '20


Osei Isaac is the Organising secretary and a Banking and Finance student. Articulate and confident, he is able to cope with challenges and work under pressure in all aspects of life.
A product of Gyamaa Pensan Senior High School where he developed his confidence through group leadership and other academic activities, he also possesses good communication skills and has the ability/experience to co-exist with a wide range of people. He is a good mixer and known for making good arrangements for the success of various events. 

As a young business man who has gained experience as a supervisor at "Nyanuch" fashion center where he currently serves as a senior worker and a personal assistant to the business owner, he hopes to bring these experiences to the team.

With dedication and commitment, Osei expects that the SRC of MIST will reach higher heights in championing the interest and welfare of students.

Organising Secretary, Students' Representative Council. 
Osei Isaac '20


Jamilatu Adam is an energetic young woman desirous of changing the status quo as it pertains to women and children. She has a pleasant personality and the passion for the development of adolescents who are the future leaders. 

She has served in various capacities whiles in Senior High School and  King’s Health College. She displayed good leadership skills and ready to share her experience with SRC and M.I.S.T. 
Volunteerism is her hallmark of, ready to assist students especially ladies on campus. She will push forward the needs of women and organise workshops, seminars to sensitize women on campus.  As a team player she would work hard to bring progress to all especially the women. 
Jamilatu Adams is a Human Resource Management Student of the Institute.

Women Commissioner, Students' Representative Council. 
Jamilatu Adam '20


Mohammed Ali Obinna Nyalene is the Chief Justice. As a principled, humble, strong, active, respectful and a reliable young man, he is also hard working and passionate in his commitment to teamwork. Indeed he brings to the SRC a wealth of experience in Ghanaian politics. 

He is an executive member of both the Business and Technology Students’ Association and the Dean’s Students Advisory Committee at MIST. 

These and several other positions that Mohammed held ignited his love for social welfare and administrative justice. It is his ardent hope that these experiences will make his contribution to the SRC invaluable.

Chief Justice, Students' Representative Council.
Ali Mohammed Obina Nyelene '20


At the beginning of every academic year, SRC week is organised to welcome the new students into the university.Programs such as football,basket ball,volley ball,eating competition among several others are organised to make the new students feel at home and know that their stay in the university is not only about lectures but entertainment as well.

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Welfare Committee: Sanitation is very dire to this committee. They institute a commendable method of solving the sanitation issue- making provision for dustbins that separately collect paper, plastic, glass and metal so as to ensure recycling . Not only do they look out for the sanitation issues, but they also check on the general student welfare ranging from their physical,mental and psychological well being. 

Sports Committee: It is responsible for the facilitation of all sporting events on campus, most notably soccer, basketball, volleyball,table tennis among several others. It makes sure the school participates and make a difference in outside games. It also conducts research on better ways of improving sports on campus. 

Entertainment Committee: For relaxation and relief of stress, the Entertainment committee is always on the move. Too much of work makes Jack dull, so this committee never relents in order to make the students of MIST feel relaxed and lively. This committee organizes fun events such as the SRC week, excursions, tours and a whole lot. 

Editorial Committee: This committee consists of a bunch of ‘Shakespeareans’ who set the bar when it comes to English. They, as their name suggests are responsible for literary-based works such as the institution’s magazines and periodicals, organizing debates, creating English-related clubs as well as posting all necessary updates on the social media platforms of the SRC.