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The story of Madina Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) started in 2013. It was established by the Madina Foundation for Science and Technology (MFST); a not-for-profit organisation established to provide quality tertiary education to the millions of individuals who aspire to acquire and advance knowledge in science  and technology.  The foundation, since its inception, has established  several  basic schools and high schools, including one solely for orphans. Directors of MFST see the establishment of MIST as a logical capstone to their efforts at providing quality but affordable  education to the youth of Ghana and beyond, to harness their creative and innovative potential to contribute to the development of their communities.

The Institute commenced operation with three schools: School of Engineering, School of Business and Technology, and School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It also envisages establishing School of Allied Sciences in the near future. Building on its heritage, MIST upholds to  traditional Islamic values and ethics  and  purposefully integrates the highest academic and professional standards  in its teaching, research, and community service.

Integrity  –  We believe trust, honesty, respect, and civility make people to stand out in their community. We deal with our partners, people, and community with a high sense of integrity.

Diversity  – We believe that the value and strength of our community lies in diversity. We recognize the common humanity we share, but respect and celebrate our individual and group  differences.

Innovation – We are committed to creating a culture that brings out creative and innovative spirit and passion in people.

Collaboration  –  We create and nurture an environment that stimulates collaboration of our people, external partners, and our community.

Excellence – We are committed to excellence. We promote and strive for individual and collective accomplishments for continuous growth and development.

Madina Institute of Science & Technology offers a wide range of diverse educational experiences to prepare individuals to become

· Effective conceivers and transformers of noble ideas into sustainable solutions

· Great and Effective Communicators

· Proficient in critical thinking with ability to gather and use information to solve everyday problems

· Knowledgeable in how to succeed professionally and entrepreneurially in the rapidly changing and diverse world

· Graduates with integrity and desire to service community

· An individual with the ability to leverage knowledge of liberal arts, science and technology to excel in their chosen endeavors.

Madina Institute of Science & Technology’s educational philosophy focuses on integration of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to promote learning, research, and citizenship. Students therefore are guided by our scholar-practitioner faculty to synthesize scholarship, engage in creativity, and application of novel ideas to solve societal problems. It also promotes active learning, collaboration, sharing of experiences, peer-review, communal learning and knowledge dissemination.

MIST’s diversity policy is purported to broaden and deepen our personal and intellectual horizons, preparing students, staff, and faculty to cherish inclusiveness, thoughtfulness, and responsible contributions as individuals, community members, and professionals operating in a diverse world.

At MIST our understanding of diversity is broader than normal, emphasizing the identity and experiences of groups that have been historically under-represented in higher education, which may encapsulate age, class, culture, physical challenges, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, and religions, among others. We affirm that diverse experiences enrich classroom and campus experience of all. Therefore we build and nurture a community that embrace, respect and celebrate diversity in all

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