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A Senior Lecturer at KNUST School of Business, Department of Human Resource and Organizational Development. Prior to joining the KNUST- School of Business, Prof. Naail was an Associate Professor and Head for Global Leadership Research Unit at SEGi University, Malaysia. Currently, he also serves as the Consulting Vice President for Madina Institute of Science and Technology, Accra.


This Office is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the entire academic process at MIST; right from admission to graduation.

The Office ensures that MIST takes its place among the recognized tertiary educational institutions in the country by securing both institutional and programme affiliations as well as institutional and programme accreditation for the institute. In doing these, the Academic Directorate ensures that all our programmes fall in line with the National Accreditation Board and the mentor institutions’ requirements. This will ensure that our graduates are recognized both locally and internationally.

Working in conjunction with the Deans of the Schools, Heads of Departments and Quality Assurance Unit, the Directorate will ensure that our students get the highest possible academic training. The Directorate believes in hard work, honesty and fairness. Students will only receive what they have toiled for and no student will be treated unfairly, no matter the circumstance. Students will EARN their grades and classes.

Students will be encouraged and assisted to research into their fields of study. Rote learning will have no place here. Originality of thought, innovation and independent thinking will be rewarded. The schools will be adequately resourced to enable them bring the best out of their students.

Academic dishonesty –cheating in examinations and plagiarism will attract instant and severe sanctions.

MIST is giving its students everything it takes to become first –class graduates. With its serene atmosphere, modern physical infrastructure, adequate teaching and learning materials and equipment as well as qualified, experienced and committed faculty members, the MIST campus can only be described as the student utopia.
Thank you.


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