Make M.I.S.T your home

Hostel Facilities

Live on campus

M.I.S.T offers two large and spacious furnished apartment complexes capable of accommodating over 200 students. Apart from the apartments, complexes host the cafeteria and restaurant where students can enjoy snacks and meals.

 The Office of the Students Affairs has designed programmes to promote cooperative living and cultural enriching experiences.  Students resident on campus get to enjoy a broad range of benefits including: wireless internet, laundry services and other facilities.



  • HOSTEL FEE GHANAIAN STUDENTS (Per Semester) Four in a room GHȻ1,000.00
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (Per annum) Four in a room $170.00

Do you want more information about living on campus?

Office of the Students Affairs
Email :
Phone :233 303 932 887, 233 54 267 1474