Safety Measures by MIST on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There has been a directive from the Government of Ghana for all Universities, Senior High Schools, and Basic Schools to be closed on 16th March, 2020 until further notice.

In response to this directive, we wish to update the university community with the following information.

  1. All teaching on campus is suspended effective today (16th March, 2020) until further notice. Please note that this is not a vacation and all faculty members must be reachable during office hours.
  2. Non-resident students are advised to stay home. Students who are resident on campus are also advised to remain on campus and adhere to basic hygiene and take precautionary measures as advised by health experts.
  3. All essential staff members are required to be at post to ensure essential services are rendered to the university community.

The university is monitoring developments of the coronavirus and will advise its community accordingly.